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Tomer Shapira - Interior Architect and Product Designer.
My design studio is located in the heart of Tel Aviv-Israel and involved, designs and plans commercial spaces, shops, offices, show rooms, houses and apartments, coffee shops, furniture and products among others.
In additional to the design work, involved with:
  • Lecturer in The College of Management
  • Lecturer in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
  • Lecturer in the Bar Ilan University


The services my clients receives:

  1. Professional and personal assistance in helping you find property and real estate that is suited for your needs. connect you to professional, and experts in order to help you find the best solution for your interest.
  2. A high standard sketch wich illustrate the needs and the desires of the client. All with in the budget.
  3. Set of work plans wich are the "project dictionary " and give instructions for the contractors involved in the project. In addition This set is a dictionary for the client, as it contains all the locations, explanations and products incorporated in the project (a very wide and detailed set of instruction).
  4. Involvement with in all the project phases: choose all the details of the carpentry, color, flooring and recommendation for the best hi caliber contractors. All accordingly to the budget and project spirit.
  5. Accompanying the clients through all the project phases. Assist and aid the client with all the process and finding the best solution for every problem wich may come.
  6. Supervision: my Stodio operates provides supervision for every project through all the establishment. A typical Client should expect about 1-3 weekly visits in the site (according to the progress and the needs of the project). We put great emphasis on answering and explaining every question wich may comes up during the progress to the Client.
  7. Unique project: Every Client (according to his or her needs, budgets, and resources) will recievet a special tailor made end result which is created especially for the him or her. The aesthetics of the project is made and created in a way that makes it uniqe and matching in the ideal way unique to that client.

My values and visions:

  • The design work in the studio is inspired by the art world and great attention is brought to combine between function and esthetics.
  • The designing work is generated and based upon the understanding and analysis of the client's needs. Everything is translated, into one harmonious creation.
  • As with all of the Studios services, I have a personal involvement and responsibility in all the project phases.
  • The work in the studio is done with a very high standard and professionalism so it would fit all the needs of the projects of the most discerning client.
  • I belive in transparency and clarity with all the decision needed to be take in the project.
  • In my studio we are always happy to provide a great dregree of accomodation to any Clients style and flexibility of demand and we are allways happy to be involved in new and inventive projects.